Thieves Oil is Dope AF, So many uses!

Thieves Oil is Dope AF, So many uses!

Wats up Family?! Honestly Thieves Oil is Dope Af, there are so many uses. 


Why is Thieves Oil Necessary to be in our Home?


Many people feel being at home can keep us fit and healthy, but the reality is different! You need to take care of and protect yourself with your loved ones from many things that can cause wellness-related issues. Do you know Thieves Oil is a proven one solution for most of health problems?

It can Kill off bacteria in the air, keep our teeth white & healthy and even great for holistic well-being. The oil can also help one in calming a sore throat and help you keep yourself clean and avoid illness. We will see much more benefits of it sooner in this post.

The oil is a powerful solution or, say, a compelling mix of Rosemary, Radiata, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Lemon, and Clove essential oils. Together they form an aromatic blend with antibacterial properties and fills the space with a spicy and rich smell.

Thieves Essential Oil: What are the Best Ways to use it?

Here are some notable wellness benefits:

1) Relieve a Dog or Cat by clearing up an infected wound by applying just one drop of it! It can also be used in pet cages to keep them healthier.

2) Apply a drop on the pimple to make it disappear after a shrink.

3) Take about one teaspoon of Blue Agave or honey and mix 1-2 drops to get relief from cough.

4) Diffusing in an environment will increase one’s concentration power, cheerful mood, work efficiency, and kill off the germs.

5) Take a glass of water and put a drop of it and replace it every day to get rid of illness.

6) Stop a cold by taking a few drops of it in juice or water every three to four hours. Use its few drops on the soles under your feet.

7) Solve the problem of lung congestion by breathing its vapors for better respiratory health.

8) Mix it with V-6 Massage Oil and apply it on sore joints to relieve the pain. This solution can also be used on the throat and upper chest to get relief from chest tightness.

9) Take it on the tip of the tongue to get help in quit smoking.

10) Use a drop of it in a coffee or a cup of tea for health benefits with additional flavor.


Thieves essential oil in diluted form for safe use for self-care since it is a powerful blend.That is how Imani Handcrated handcrafts are 5 star review thieves oil. 

11) Reduce the condition of congestion and phlegm by adding one drop of it to the orange juice and drink the mix.

12) Avoid foul odors and germs from your office or home by diffusing the oil for 15 to 30 minutes daily.

13) Apply one or two drops on the teeth and gums to treat toothaches or healing from related pain.

14) To remove the price labels with ease from any product, apply the oil on them to dissolve their sticky adhesives.

15) Remove the insects that can harm your plants and flowers by mixing its 8-12 drops with water in a 4 oz. on a Spray bottle.

16) Clean the floors by adding several drops of it to the mop water.

17) Better clean your clothes or dishes by adding a few drops of it on the laundry cycle or dishwasher, respectively.

18) In case of a headache, take a drop on the thumb, apply it in your mouth on the roof.

19) Use one to three drops on it on open wounds or nearby cuts to be safe from promoting healing and from infection.

20) To treat the sore throat, add one or two drops of it with water on a tablespoon, then gargle or swallow it.


The overall advantages of using Thieves oil is not limited to the above since one can use it for many different purposes. You can now imagine the importance of preparing or keeping this essential oil at home every time for a quick fix to many common wellness issues. Stop by our shop and pick up a thieves oil, we promice you won't regret it!


Imani Handcrafted 

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