The Magic Guide To Herbs

The Magic Guide To Herbs




The Magic Guide to Herbs 

Agrimony – healing, protection, reversal of spells Angelica – exorcism, healing, protection, psychic visions Anise – beauty, protection, purification, youth
Arnica - healing, anti-inflammatory, protection Ashwagandha - protection, grounding, fertility, energy Basil - love, healing, protection, purification, prosperity, manifestation
Bay leaves – grounding, protection, psychic powers, divination, purification, manifestation, strength, power, prosperity, increased intuition
Bergamot - money, prosperity, joy, success
Black Cohosh - love, courage, protection, fertility
Black Pepper - protection, purification, banishing, courage

Blessed Thistle - courage, purification, protection, strength, healing

Bloodroot - love, passion, protection, purification, banishing, spirit communication

Blue Cohosh - courage, love, purification, prosperity
Blue Vervain - protection, purification, peace, calming, grounding

Boneset - protection, healing, exorcism, banishing, sprits and the afterlife

Borage - courage, protection, prosperity, happiness Burdock Root – love, healing, hex-breaking, protection,

Calendula - protection, love, psychic powers, healing Camphor - purification, divination, healing, psychic powers Caraway - protection, anti-theft, health, lust Cardamom – attraction, beauty, love, lust, purification Catnip – beauty, love, happiness, relaxation Cayenne Pepper - protection, banishing, courage, purification

Cedar – ancestral connection, spirit communication, protection, healing, purification, prosperity

Chamomile - love, prosperity, peace, relaxation
Chaparral - protection, purification, healing, anti-inflammatory Chickweed - love, fertility, healing, banishing
Chicory - removing obstacles, frugality, success, prosperity Cinnamon - love, protection, money, success, power, psychic awareness Cleavers – binding, cleansing, purification, protection, healing, relationships
Clove - protection, love, banishing, purification
Coltsfoot - love, peace, prosperity, visions
Comfrey - protection, healing, banishing, money
Copal - purification, protection, love, success
Coriander - love, health, healing, protection
Cottonwood - protection, healing, purification, anti-inflammatory Cramp Bark - protection, healing, banishing, anti-inflammatory Cumin - protection, anti-theft, fidelity, purification

Daisies – youth, beauty, psychic abilities, joy, purity, innocence, new beginnings, prosperity

Damiana - love, lust, relaxation, visions
Dandelion - divination, wishes, purification, healing, luck, transformation
Devil's Claw - protection, banishing, healing, anti-inflammatory Dong Quai - protection, love, fertility, purification Dragon's Blood - protection, purification, love, banishing, spirit communication
Elderberry - protection, healing, banishing, prosperity Eucalyptus - healing, mental clarity, purification, protection, anti- inflammatory
Eyebright - psychic powers, mental clarity, healing, protection Fennel - protection, purification, healing, courage Feverfew - protection, healing, calming, banishing Frankincense - protection, purification, spirituality, consecration Galangal - protection, psychic powers, fertility, lust
Garlic - protection, healing, warding off evil spirits and negative energy, spiritual growth
Gentian - love, fortune, power, success, strength
Ginger - love, money, success, healing, protection
Ginseng - protection, love, success, spiritual awareness, fertility Goldenrod - healing, protection, good fortune, divination Goldenseal - healing, purification, protection, warding off

evil spirits, banishing
Gotu Kola - divination, spiritual awareness, meditation, healing

Hawthorn - protection, love, purification, fertility, success Heather - luck, protection, spiritual growth, divination, beauty Hemlock - astral travel, purification, banishing, transformation Hibiscus - divination, love, lust, beauty, harmony

Holly - protection, dreams, balance, success, beauty, hex-breaking Honeysuckle - love, luck, psychic powers, money, success Hops - relaxation, sleep, healing, banishing, spirit communication Horseradish – healing, protection, physical strength, vitality Horsetail - divination, fertility, purification, protection Hyssop - purification, healing, protection, banishing, consecration

Jasmine - love, psychic powers, money, dreams, divination, prophetic dreams

Juniper - protection, purification, healing, love, exorcism, hex-breaking Kava - relaxation, tranquillity, protection, banishing, divination Lady's Mantle - love, protection, beauty, fertility, prosperity Lavender - love, peace, healing, protection, purification, relaxation, sleep Lemon Grass – attraction, lust, cleansing, purification, negative

energy releaser, psychic powers
Lemon Balm - love, success, healing, calming, happiness

Lemon Verbena - love, purification, dreams, banishing, protection

Liquorice - love, lust, fidelity, protection, power
Linden - protection, love, calming, sleep, healing
Lobelia - love, happiness, banishing, protection
Mace - psychic powers, concentration, protection, love, divination Mandrake - protection, fertility, money, love, banishing

Marigold – cleansing, increased intuition, joy, prophetic dreams, love, protection,

Marjoram - love, happiness, protection, money, healing Meadowsweet - love, peace, happiness, divination, protection Milk Thistle - protection, healing, purification, strength Mint – confident speech, love, healing, hex-breaking, prosperity, psychic ability, protection, purification

Mistletoe – spirits and the afterlife, intoxication, divination, love

Mugwort - divination, protection, dreams, astral travel, healing Mullein - courage, protection, banishing, healing, exorcism

Mustard - protection, courage, strength, banishing, hex-breaking

Myrrh - protection, healing, purification, banishing, spiritual awareness

Nettle - protection, healing, banishing, exorcism, courage, hex-breaking
Nutmeg - luck, money, prosperity, protection, divination Oregano - happiness, protection, love, health, purification Orris Root - love, divination, protection, purification, psychic awareness
Passionflower - love, sleep, peace, happiness, friendship Pennyroyal - protection, banishing, purification, courage, strength Peppermint - purification, healing, sleep, psychic powers, love Pine - purification, healing, protection, prosperity, fertility Plantain - protection, healing, strength, courage, divination Poppy - fertility, sleep, prosperity, divination, pleasure
Red Clover - protection, love, money, fidelity, success
Rose - love, beauty, divination, happiness, protection Rosemary - healing, purification, love, protection, memory Sage – ancestral connection, grounding, wisdom, protection, purification, healing
Sassafras - manifestation, grounding, abundance
Savory - protection, love, banishing
Sesame - money, success, lust

Sheep Sorrel - healing, protection, strength Shepherd's Purse - healing, fertility, protection Skullcap - relaxation, sleep, protection Slippery Elm - protection, halting gossip, strength Snakeroot - protection, hex-breaking, courage Snapdragon - protection, intuition, hex-breaking Solomon's Seal - protection, wisdom, prosperity Sorrel - protection, prosperity, courage Southernwood - protection, love, clarity Spanish Moss - protection, binding, success Spearmint - healing, love, psychic powers Speedwell - protection, love, prosperity Spikenard - love, healing, purification Squaw Vine - fertility, love, protection
Star Anise - psychic powers, luck, purification Star Thistle - hex-breaking, protection, healing

St. John's Wort – calming, happiness, positivity, divination, protection, banishing, depression and sadness

Stevia - love, peace, healing
Sugar Cane - love, lust, attraction, passion Sumac - protection, love, prosperity

Sunflower – abundance, good fortune, joy, happiness, optimism, protection, fertility, prosperity, sun energy, vitality

Sweet Annie - protection, healing, prosperity Sweetgrass - purification, healing, positivity Sweet Pea - friendship, love, courage Sweet Woodruff - protection, love, prosperity Tansy - protection, health, longevity

Tarragon - healing, protection, anti-anxiety
Tea Tree - healing, purification, protection
Thistle - protection, strength, courage
Thyme - healing, purification, courage
Toadflax - protection, hex-breaking, love
Tobacco - purification, protection, offering
Tonka Bean - love, money, courage, success
Tormentil - protection, banishing, courage
Trefoil - protection, love, prosperity, success
Tribulus – beauty, love, lust, fertility
Tulip - love, prosperity, abundance
Turmeric - purification, protection, prosperity
Yarrow – grounding, friendship, divination, healing, protection Valerian Root – courage, dreamwork, sleep, love, purification, protection
Vanilla - love and relationships, lust, happiness, joy
Vervain – creativity, empowerment, dreamwork, healing, purification, protection, prosperity
Vetiver - love, attraction, grounding, mental clarity, concentration Violet - protection, healing, love, passion
Walnut - prosperity, health, fertility, love
Watercress - protection, healing, anti-anxiety, relaxation Wheat - prosperity, abundance, good fortune, fertility
White Oak - protection, strength, wisdom, courage
White Willow - healing, protection, divination
Wild Cherry - divination, love, passion
Wild Yam - attraction, fertility, love and relationships, passion, protection