The importance of taking a Spiritual Bath & Step by Step Guide.

The importance of taking a Spiritual Bath & Step by Step Guide.

What is the Importance of taking Spiritual Bath in our Life? 


“Happiness comes with our inner satisfaction and positivity in mind!”

We all learn from our parents that it is essential to take baths regularly and keep us physically clean and fresh every day! But do you know there is an advanced form of a bath! It plays a big role in relaxing our fatigue and beneficial for mental health once we return home from hectic work! It is known as a Spiritual bath!

You can make your body wholly relaxing and warm with it. It can be done with the help of some ambient music, a glass full of wine, and a few candles to come out of a tired mind.

Its procedure has been inherited from the bathing rituals of ancient Egypt. This bathing process can enhance your presence of mind and interest to do work, revitalize the aura, and cleanses the chakra.

The science behind its success is the energies imparted from crystals, herbs, and powerful oils mixed with the bathwater. It is all about restoring positivity’s in mind that can be reflected in our life!

We generally use Shampoo, Soap, and Water to clean our body in a regular bath. In the case of taking a bath for Holistic wellness, we can use powerful bathwater charging ingredients.

They are helpful to clean both our spirit and mind by healing vibrations. They can remove any unconstructive pains, hurts, blockages, and other undesired health conditions.


How to Take a Spiritual Bath?

Here is a general method to take a Self care bath for the Mental wellbeing;

1) The first job is to be sure that the bathtub that you are using for the procedure should be clean enough. Try to scrub it properly to remove any residual dirt.

2) You need to prepare in a way that no one will disturb you for the next one to two hours, either by personal visits, phone calls or through text messages. So you need to cut yourself off from the world for some time mentally.

3) Start with taking a nice usual bath and clean your body. After all, you cannot use any cleansing agents like soaps while taking a spiritual bath.

4) Now, fill the water in the bathtub that should be at your comfortable desired temperature.

5) Till the time the bathtub is filling up, you can do other preparation work. For example, if you like listening to soothing music to relax your mind, you can play it. Otherwise, you can light up a few candles or incense sticks that can help your mind to go into a meditative state.

6) Get into the bath-tub and let your body soak for about 20-30 minutes. There is no particular way to follow this procedure, but it helps you feel relaxed while being in the water. Remove all your negativities and stress by focusing on your intentions as well as unwelcoming thoughts. It is possible by clearing your mind throughout this bath process.

7) Remember these kinds of baths feel very soothing to perform again and again, but you should not follow it, since these kind of baths are strong. If you are a newbie in it, then perform not more than twice a month. Further, you can judge whether you need it more or not with time.

So it is almost like a spa to get out of all your daily stress and only pay attention 

to enjoying yourself.


7 Mostly used Ingredients while taking Spiritual Bath

If you are not okay with music or candles like specified above that can help you gain a relaxed mind, you do not need to worry. Some many other ingredients or Herbs can be used for baths intended for Holistic wellness or Self care.

You can also try with more than one element of your choice, and the decision depends on your intuition. Following are some more effective ingredients that work well for a spiritual bath;

1) Carnations

If you want to get out of stress due to a love relationship in your life, then you can take the help of red and pink carnations that can treat your broken heart. Take a pot having water in it, add some honey & coconut milk to it, and finally add red and pink carnations to the mix and start boiling. Use its stained liquid as an ingredient while taking your bath for Holistic wellness. It also treats the complications that you are facing in your love life.

2) Rose Cologne

If you are struggling to gain self-love or get in the right mood for daily work, use the rosewater or cologne. They work as unusual ingredients for the spiritual bath to achieve the mind to start taking good care of yourself.

Take some dried otherwise fresh rose petals and mix a good measure of them into it. You will experience a fragrance from it that can supply new energy to your spirits and make you feel more appreciated about yourself.

3) Baking Soda

Your skin will seem smoother and softer after using the baking or bicarbonate soda in the bathwater. It is a Self care process that can help you avoid negativity from your aura and finally make you feel good from your inner mind.

4) Salt

It is a well-known and potent ingredient. Salt can help you end any negative feelings, thoughts, and energies, restricting you from feeling and doing anything  

useful. Epsom salt, natural sea salt, and Pink Himalayan salt work best for this purpose.

You can quickly get them from the grocery stores. Try to avoid using regular table salts prepared by the refining process and include anti-caking agents. All these removes beneficial minerals from our main ingredients.

5) Sesame Seeds

You can treat your finance-related issues. It can be done by preparing your bathwater after soaking the sesame seeds in boiling water for about an hour and staining the water. This ingredient can also work to gain more lavishness into your life. It also removes blockages by the vibrations of sesame infused bathwater.

6) Goat’s Milk

You might be surprised to know the fact that Goat’s milk can turn your bad luck into a good one. Yes, it is possible by adding a cup filled with holy water, 3 cups filled with goat’s milk, some fresh parsley, and sea salt.

Parsley is known to offer good wealth and luck and is a known herb linked to purification and protection. Before straining out the parsley, make sure to keep the concoction for some hours, add the remaining liquid into the bathtub.

7) Lavender

There are two ways to use this as an ingredient for your Holistic wellness bath. One option is to use its pure essential oil, and the other is to soak some dried buds of lavender in the boiling water for about one hour and strain it. The strained liquid can be poured into the bathtub as a great stress reliever.


If you are confused or do not have time to gather the ingredients or Herbs that work well with the Spiritual Bath, you can buy readymade Sachets. They are available in both the online and offline market to ease your job of preparation.

So the possibilities are many as options to be chosen for a Self care mind soothing bath. It is all up to you that you prefer the most to treat yourself to gain spiritual and mental health that you will love forever!

Stay Blessed, Love& Light 


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