The Importance of Self-Care For Black Women. #SelfCareMatters

The Importance of Self-Care For Black Women. #SelfCareMatters

Throughout history Black Women have always been considered stronger. They are known for their powerful, fierce, and resilient nature that can inspire others in their community. But, the reality behind this is something different!

The typical mentality of today’s world scenario is to be violent against Black people. The world cannot perpetuate or think about the sufferings and pain that Blacks generally go through.

Mental trauma is common, especially among Black Women who face many issues from society from their birth. Now it is time for them to pay more attention to Self-care. It can be done by ignoring other things to put the well-being, expectations, and needs at the forefront in their mind.

It helps women of color to learn self-preservation and act reasonably to resist societal expectations. It matters! One needs to be relaxed mentally from sexiest-based trauma and racism with other challenges that black women are usually born to face.

How can Self Care be a One-stop Remedy for every issue?

Every woman should know and encourage others and their children, especially girls. It should be about how to give more consideration and time to the self-care disciplines. Self-care is to politely liberate the women of color from the hardships, trauma and suppressed pain. Many have suffered from past generations, but it can be stopped here as a vital step to build a better society in the future. Today, they first need to overcome the following two challenges;


a) To Treat Trauma:

We all are well aware of the situation with people of color due to the tradition of Racism in our Society.It has been observed that black women are more prone to major diseases. It includes cancer, cervical or breast cancer, fibroids, diabetes, stroke, and heart issues. The severity can also range to mental illnesses and even pregnancy-related deaths than others in the world.

Many women of color are generally diagnosed at later stages of their health conditions. So the treatment goes either too costlier or limited. Most of the black people are living near traffic or toxic industries. It can cause much pollution and introduce wellness risks associated with environmental factors.

It is a bitter reality that black women are often ignored and mistreated by the health industry; they need to realize the sooner possible. However, with some awareness and the right knowledge, it can be ignored.

There are many reasons enough to keep almost all of us in Stress. So, no need to depend on socioeconomic status since there are many paths to wellness. Exercise is to cultivate your self-compassion!


b) To live-up Happy in COVID-19 time:

This year everyone is somehow affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only economically, but it has imposed adverse effects on our physical and mental health as well. It is a global trauma that we all are facing.The main thing that is affecting much to humans is social distancing. It should be overcome your difficulties.

Turn off social media notifications and go there only when you desire to be. Avoid watching the news too often since it will not help you maintain your proper mental health. Take out some time for yourself and think about Who you are? What do you want? What are your interests? What kind of people are you interested in communicating about yourself?

Every man and woman should have the motive to live themselves unconditionally to avoid self-hatred. Self Care is to honor our well-being possible by validating our actions, needs, and existence. It is a powerful solution to fight against institutionalized racism and patriarchy. It also empowers the black women’s presence and bodies.

If you think or realize that controlling your habits or mentally is not on your hand, then do not waste any more time. You can better take the help of a health consultant or any medical expert for the right coaching that you need.


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