Mental and Physical Winter Self Care Ideas during  COVID 19

Mental and Physical Winter Self Care Ideas during COVID 19

In this post, you will get a brief outlook on winter self care ideas during

Due to the pandemic our social activities
are limited! So this could affect us negatively mentally or physically. Therefore, Self-care is the only and best way to be happy and healthier.
Let us check out some tips to keep ourselves fit during COVID 19 and winter:

1) Be Creative.
2) Listen to the Music.
3)Do not forget to take breaks in between from your work to get away from screen
either for tea, coffee, wa
ter, or some other refreshments.
4) Stay connected with your known ones or friends via video and phone calls.
5) You can try virtual game or virtual yoga/workout with others.
6) Do not struggle with your personal or professional issues alone. Talk with
eone who can help you in this regard to avoid loneliness, sadness, or stress.
7) Make a to-do list and let your body and mind be busy every time.
8) Positive mindset can treat poor mental health. In case, you feel stressed, take one or more deep breaths and start fresh.
9) Beat Boredom by watching movies, Tutorial videos, DIY tricks, or you can utilize the free time to learn something new. You can take the help of Things of interest like hobbies to recharge your mind when you feel low.
10) Disconnect yourself from online junk and noise. For example, refer to reliable news that reports facts, not a media that can sensationalize emotions.
11) Take the support of your faith and beliefs, leave it there whatever you are doing, and read good books to avoid anxiousness.
12) Help others! Appreciate and acknowledge the help of others.
13) Keeping your house clean and organized can also help you in maintaining a clear mind.
14) For some of us, incense or candles help to improve our mood.

During winter months and during Covid-19insomnia, fatigue, muscle tension, headache, discourages, helplessness, or being out
of control.
You can take the help of the following tricks to be on
the safer side.
I) Vitamin D is essential to maintain our mood and energy. So take a walk in the sunniest time or if you prefer morning jogging. Expose your body and interior to sunlight as much as possible. It can help you avoid health issues like winter blues or seasonal affective disorder.

II) As per health experts, morning sun rays can trigger melatonin hormone in your brain at the right time this can help for a good sleep. It will let you live the whole day full of energy and align your body clock with the natural circadian rhythm.
III) Schedule your workouts every day. Move your body, stay active instead of sitting or sleeping in one place for hours. If you do exercise all day, this will release endorphins and serotonin in your body, and hence you will live a much happier and
healthy lifestyle.
IV) Take sound sleep every night! Be consistent with your wake-up and bedtimes all the year to avoid obesity, increase in blood sugar, hypertension, or risk of any heart disease.
V) Refrain yourself from oversleeping that may lead to type 2 diabetes, heart
problems, headaches, or even depression. As per National Sleep Foundation, many adults require a good sleep of 7 to 9 hours every night of the year independent of the season.
VI) Stock some healthy snacks like veggies, nuts, or fresh fruits instead of junk food, and prefer herbal tea over other drinks.
VII) Most importantly, Get yourself vaccinated or take a flu shot if you are eligible
for it.
VIII) The level of Vitamin D in our body generally drops in winters since we are
away from sunlight, hence our immune system will become weaker. As a result,
our body is less defensive against germs and viruses. So, talk with your healthcare expert about whether you should take vitamin D or a multivitamin supplement. They work to help protect our bod
ies from respiratory infections or other diseases.
IX) Drink lots of water, maintain a balanced diet, and avoid unhealthy food.
X) Balance your Digital or media diet like you need to manage your food intake for a nutritional and healthy diet.
XI) Do not compromise with your health, be serious about public health
recommendations. Say no to excessive gambling, drugs, or alcohol that has always proven destructive!
XII) Prefer to do skincare routine using cooking items, take a bath, or giving a nice brushing/cleaning session to your teeth.

XIII) Main social distancing and encourage others for it as well while you are being outside either for a walk or necessary work.
XIV) Follow basic cleaning steps, like regularly wash your hands, avoid touching
your mouth or face, use sanitizers whenever needed, etc.
Final Thoughts
These days, whenever you need to be outside, perform all the activities by following all the COVID-19 guidelines. Try to help others whenever needed, to release feel-good chemicals in your brain to
help yourself.


For both your mental and physical wellbeing self care is essential! You can do
anything good that keeps you anxious, energetic, and refreshes your mood without harming others.

Do not hesitate to take guidance or help of mental or a physical
expert if you feel;
Lack of concentration.
Anxiety that can’t be in your control most of the times.
Difficulty in managing your emotions.
Not proper control on your mind especially on negative thoughts.
Feeling helpless or hopeless.
All the above tips and ideas can sure help you give thoughtful options to do things that bring a sense of joy and normality in your life and make it worth living. Take good care of not only yourself but your loved ones as well. How about taking self-care as your New Ye
ar's resolution?

Be Happy Be Healthy!




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