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July 29, 2021 3 min read

3 Simple ways you can achieve Great Self-care and Wellness
via Food i
The last pandemic year has
taught us many lessons! One among them is to pay much
attention to our mental health as well as physical wellbeing. Not all of us have
someone to work as inspiration or support
for mindfulness
, either through our
friends, relatives, or even pet. We always
need someone or help divert our minds in
bad moods to think something positive and
come out of the deadly stress!
How about
Do you know there is an easy solution available in our home itself? Yes, it could
help you refresh your mind and get inst
ant energy back to reset you
r mind back into
positive mode!
Yes, it is not other but via Food that we eat in our daily life! However,
it does not means that you can cook or eat anything you desire s
ince it can harm your
If you take an interest in
cooking or eating good recipes, then you can use it as a
great option to practice your self
care. It will work great to maintain your bet
physical and mental health.
Let us have a look at what all you can do to tr
eat yourself mentally via food;
1) Routine Diet Plan 

You can start your new
week by creating a list of regimen
options you can take every
day, either in the main meal or in snacks. In this way, you will also get the right idea
about what ingredients to be purchased on th
e market to make them po
It will be a great idea to include different nutrients of various colors in your regular
diet. You can make a detailed calculation of intake calories on how much to be
burned dai
ly to better plan the workouts.
You can prepare for a meal in advance
or in comfort
and can also utilize everything
that is there in your pantry. One more benefit is that you can better organize your
diet for the whole week without the need to brainstorm on w
hat to make at the last
2) Avoid Sweet Treats
A common tric
k that people follow when they are feeling down is to eat some sugary
dish or snacks to get some instant boost of energy. It works for most of us as well!
However, we should never forget that sugar is not a good i
ngredient to our physical
. Lack o
f sugar balance in our body can lead to many mental an
d physical
related problems
in the future. Many people all over t
he world are already
wellness issues from
So, if you want to refresh your mood by eating something useful, then try
else. Better alternatives are whole fresh fruit or whole grains, including some fat and
protein, or a mix of some pieces of cheese and apple. In this way, your body will get
energy slowly that cannot make you feel inadequ
ate even for a long time
If you can’t live without a sweet, then the best alternative is to eat Dark chocolate
that produces endorphins, chemicals in our brain to boost the mood. It also helps
avoid any harmful effects of stress, reduce pain, and take care of your brain
due to its antioxidants.
3) Follow Good Intake Habits
Drink plenty of water. Keep yourself hydrated to ensure that your cells are
functioning well and you are always feeling energized both inside out! Keep your
phone aside, especially while you are eat
ing, and concentrate on what you are eating.
Try to learn to prepare a new recipe either alone or with someone else to enhance
your self-esteem and boost happiness levels.


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