5 Self-Care Tips for Mental Well Being  #TakeCareOfYourself

5 Self-Care Tips for Mental Well Being #TakeCareOfYourself

5 Self-Care Tips for Mental Well-Being


God has given our soul a Body to live life to the fullest, but it is our prior duty to take care of it right from birth to the last breath!’

After the last Pandemic year, most of us have a common resolution to live this year full of joy and happiness. However, the main enjoyment comes directly from our mind, and we do need to first mentally happy so that it will be reflected in our personality! Let us check some easy Self-care ways to achieve them in our daily life.


Keeping yourself Mentally Healthy and Calm: How to achieve it in 2021?

People generally listen to music, eat well, or perform any hobby to feel more relaxed and happier in their daily life. Here are some more common tips to make yourself feel less anxious:

1) Essential Oils

You can try to light up your favorite essential oils whenever you feel low. Their fragrance can make your home smell good and your mind,body and soul feel good. Try anything from frankincense to lavender as well-known traditional calming smells.

They can help one in lowering the level of depression and anxiety. Research says. Olfactory sense plays a big role in maintaining our behavior, memory, and emotional regulation.

2) Sleep Well

You might have already heard how important sleep is. Sleep helps us to control our stress level and mental health. Each of us must make sure we sleep regularly for Self-care and to keep ourselves fit and healthy both inside out.

To make it easier, do not hesitate to add a weighted blanket, soft sheets, and sleep mask before you go to bed. You can also add a cup of tea or a good book to your sleep routine.

3) Regular Exercise

There are different kinds of workouts ranging from Yoga, sitting in one position, to heavy cardio exercise. Lots of options are there to select from and make your exercise routine for your benefit. 

 With regular exercise you can improve your mood, achieve pleasure in life, reduce pain, boost happy hormones, and improve your heart rate by simply doing it at home. All you need is to take out a few minutes for at least three to four days a week.

4) Break Helps

A common habit of women is to be busy every single day of the year, either in managing home, family, or office work, and hardly get any time to take a sound rest. We all need breaks, even the machines, so never hesitate or feel apologize for them.

The good idea is to take a break from daily work in any way you want. It can be benifical for your health. 

- Go for a walk outside.

- Read your favorite book.

- Spend weekends without doing anything,

- Possibility plan a safe vacation, spend time with your loved ones.

5) Managing Workload

In this busy life, we challenge ourselves by taking more work to be completed in less time. It might cause stress for sure! The best way to deal with it is to prioritize your work and manage it with time in an effective manner to reduce your workload.

If required, you need to refuse others to take on any more work, and you should not feel bad for it. To start your morning fresh, do not snooze your alarms and open the window blinds as soon as you wake up.



All the above Self-care tips are beneficial for us to become more productive, creative, and self-confident. It also helps in improving our communication and relationship with others.

You will sure feel good, make better decisions, plan well, and enjoy your living. In this way, you will become healthier and active, both mentally and physically, and this will be reflected in your personality sooner.


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