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Spiritual Self Care Ritual Box - Set ORelaxing Essentials | Perfect Cleansing Gift Ideas For Friend, Positive Vibes Included

Our Spiritual Self Care Ritual Box is specially curated to fit the essentials. From smudge spray to healing crystal stone, you will get everything you need for the mind, body, and soul in one box. 

Want to start a spiritual cleansing ritual but you don’t know where to start? Want to help someone out but don’t know what to get them first? The solution is right here! This ritual box includes everything you need, from the essentials to the additional things!

This self-care package box is specially curated for you! We make sure to prepare everything you will need for spiritual cleansing. From smudge stick to healing crystal stone, we got you covered. We also make sure to include a yellow candle, Palo Santo sticks, quote book, and spiritual bath salt to maximize your ritual!