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Oh No You Don’t, Not Today! Thieves Oil Blend - Extra Strength Healing Essential Oil | Perfect For Diffuser, Inhalation, Sanitation And More

Oh No You Don’t, Not Today! Thieves Oil Blend Extra Strength Healing
Essential Oil | Perfect for Diffuser, Inhalation, Sanitation and More
Repel negativity and harness positivity with our �Oh Not You Don’t, Not Today! � Thieves Oil
Blend. Infused with lemon, clove, and cinnamon, this holistic blend of essential oils can cleanse
and clear a space with its warm and earthy scent. Indulge your inner goddess by adding a few
drops into your bath for ultimate relaxation or massage the oil into the hands, feet, and chest
before meditating to ground your root chakra.
Breathe in positivity and exhale negativity with this multipurpose blend. Inspired by the story of
the four thieves, this magical tincture is an all-natural alternative to chemical-filled and toxic
antibacterial cleansers. Handmade with love and positivity, our thieves Blend is a holistic
substitute that can be diffused, inhaled, or rubbed into the skin to help boost immunity and
fight against infection.
�Lemon Balm
Not only an instant-mood booster, but lemon helps alleviate exhaustion and depression when
used as a holistic and aromatherapy tool. This tangy treasure is a must-have when manifesting
positivity and abundance.
Cloves have long been used in magical rituals and spells to attract wealth and success. Not only
a natural antioxidant, but this hearty herb can also be used to relieve respiratory agitators and
alleviate common cold and asthma symptoms.
Cinnamon is a natural antibacterial that can be used to stimulate the immune system, reduce
inflammation, and ward off common colds. Not only a warm and woodsy scent, but this spicy
herb can instantly uplift moods and alleviate anxiety with its zesty aroma.
Your spiritual health is our top priority! Which is why each bottle of essential oils comes with an
affirmation prayer card to boost positivity and help you connect with your inner self-care

✨1x Oh No You Don’t, Not Today! Thieves Oil Blend
✨1x Prayer Card

✨Weight: 3 oz