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PEACE BE WITH YOU Handcrafted Smudge Spray + Prayer Card - Remedy To Repel Negative Energy | Positivity Elixir To Clear The Mind, Body & Soul



Our PEACE BE WITH Handcrafted Smudge Spray is specially made for those of you who need a positive aura pick me up! This smudge spray will allow you to do smokeless smudging anytime and anywhere. 

If you love using smudge sticks, you will definitely love our smudge spray. Currently outside? Don’t want to trigger your smoke alarm? We got you covered. With our spray, you won’t have to worry about carrying a smudge stick and a lighter everywhere. You can spray the space around you anytime and anywhere worry-free!

This product is great for anyone who is often haunted by dark auras. We prioritize positivity and sanity, and this will surely do the trick. Clearing the air from negativity, it’s time to cleanse yourself and your surroundings.

Our smudge spray is carefully made by hand with selected ingredients. The mixture of sage and essential oils (and a splash of moon water elixir) will surely boost your positivity! Get rid 

of all the bad energy around you with a one-two spray for a cleansed mind, body, and soul.

Our smudge spray is what you need to keep around you at all times. Spread positivity to your surroundings and the area of the people you love. Get this as a gift for your friend who needs a good, easy cleanses. This is also a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, and any other occasions!


Our Smudge Sprays are Handcrafted with Love

A mix of Sage and Essential oils to Repel Negativity

Smokeless Smudging, Spray Anytime and Anywhere


Weight: 4 oz


1x Don’t You Fuck With My Energy Handcrafted Smudge Spray