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Blessings On Blessings Handcrafted Bath Salt - Handmade Spiritual Bathroom Self Care For Love And Purification | Body & Bath Essentials


Our Blessings On Blessings Handcrafted Bath Salt is specially made for those of you who have been stressed out and need to relax! This bath salt can ease your thoughts and calm you from head to toe.  

Whenever you’re feeling down, insecure or ungrateful, take a bath with our bath salt! Blessings On Blessings is all about eliminating negative energy and bathe you with blessings, literally! After soaking in your bathtub with this bath salt, you will feel energized with a current of calmness.

Our bath salts are carefully made by hand with selected ingredients. The mixture of herbs and dried flowers will make you feel like you’re in a spa! Soak our bath salts in your tub and get a whiff, then you will know what we’re talking about.

Did you know that each bag of bath salts comes with a prayer card? We make sure to include a little mantra with each package to even further help you feel relaxed, calm, and collected. Your spiritual health is definitely our number 1 priority!

Our bath salts are what you need to complete your bathroom cabinet. Don’t be selfish, get this as a gift for your friend! If you know anyone who needs spiritual healing or deep relaxation, this is perfect for them. This is also a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, and any other occasions!


Our Bath Salts are Handcrafted with Love

A mix of Herbs and Dried Flowers to Heal The Soul

Includes Prayer Card!


Weight:3.4 oz 


1x Blessings On Blessings Handcrafted Bath Salt

1x Prayer Card


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